School-to-Prison Pipeline | American Civil Liberties Union

This is all set up and designed to go according to plan....As a black youth growing up in a broken home located in a big city My father was in jail and my mother worked multiple jobs to support us...so that left me unsupervised and idle in what is commonly referred to as "the hood". My Options were obviously different out the gate than someone who was a bit more privileged and had a nuclear family base. In Hindsight i realize that the obstacles placed in front of me were there to make me stronger and somewhat of an excuse to not be successful....but this is hindsight...and i can say that only because it was a miracle and nothing short of divine intervention that i made it out of "the hood" alive and made something out of myself.....and what we all have to understand is that only a small percentage will make it out of situations like that of myself and others with similar backgrounds the rest or the worst seems to be doomed in a "Project prison"...:everybody on drugs ..so they sell drugs go to jail at 16...become a hardened criminal...leaving another generation to WASH RINSE REPEAT!!!

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  1. while blacks remain a minority in this country our black men make up the majority of the prison population. dig a little deeper and you will find that black males make up the majority of the youth in the foster care system. interestingly enough the government can run to aid another country...fight their battles, feed, educate, provide medical care, so forth. but turns its back on its own people. but i guess america views its work as charity...but the thing is you can do all the charity work in world but it doesn't mean shit when you do it to simply cover up the dirt that you do. when will the government realize that it is cheaper and wiser to provide an education that it is to imprison its people? to make america better you have to start with the people...stop creating and encourging a system that is designed to fail not only the people within the system but the whole damn country. *such-a-LADY*