Which way is up?

Dont cry dry your eye fly high as an eagle dont worry bout the ego

Social Programing....

So I deactivated my facebook account, removed my twitter app from my smartphone all in hopes to stop spilling my energy all across the world wide web. I began to notice that I was starting to become a lil too wrapped up in everything going on and not focused enough on bettering myself for me and those who rely on me to be of sound mind...so now blogger is my only outlet my voice and my perspective


Goofy gets it in haha
(Tension Breaker)

Where I stand on the issue!

Jumping out the window 09'


Anxiety Attack!

In the last 7 years ive dedicated my life to serving my country in the                      . 2 combat tours to Iraq and a few humanitarian missions...and yet still on sunday nights preparing to go back to work after a weekend with lovely weather...i still cant seem to shake these god awful & horrible anxiety attacks. You would think that after all this time of my mind and body being conditioned  to this madness, I would be used to it by now....and yet its getting worse. I cant shake the fact that after all ive done for my country....i am not respected by my country or organization for which I have sacrificed my life and sanity ...too them i am still only a number a last name and a nigger..I am a NAGA Yes lets not get me confused im  not offended by rascism my own people hate me more. I over & innerstand.. I know I am much more...but yet I still gotta work...provide...survive...and live...so  What in thee fuck?!!!

My Pal behind me has always been with me...do u see him?

Ancient Pyramids Awake!

World’s Pyramids Beaming Energy To Mysterious Space Cloud | Pakalert Press

42 Alien planets discovered

Amateur Astronomers Discover 42 Alien Planets

Its amazing how I was just watching that new battleship movie...and now I see this...


I am trying to be a better person

From my thoughts to my feelings to my actions....sometimes we just have to let go of all the things that weight us down close our eyes and just breath...be blessed

Im considering using this blog as my personal journal as well as an informative tool...i mean why not im trying to do something new...My Perspective of the Shift


Great Sunday Watch

I'm Watching it right Now


Wow 2012 the end of the Word as we knew it!!!!
RIP and bless the sweet soul of my mother who returned to the essence this past august
I Love You Mommy

Rip Angel...I could have been there more bless your soul queen....I Love You

God Bless us All....