Anxiety Attack!

In the last 7 years ive dedicated my life to serving my country in the                      . 2 combat tours to Iraq and a few humanitarian missions...and yet still on sunday nights preparing to go back to work after a weekend with lovely weather...i still cant seem to shake these god awful & horrible anxiety attacks. You would think that after all this time of my mind and body being conditioned  to this madness, I would be used to it by now....and yet its getting worse. I cant shake the fact that after all ive done for my country....i am not respected by my country or organization for which I have sacrificed my life and sanity ...too them i am still only a number a last name and a nigger..I am a NAGA Yes lets not get me confused im  not offended by rascism my own people hate me more. I over & innerstand.. I know I am much more...but yet I still gotta work...provide...survive...and live...so  What in thee fuck?!!!

My Pal behind me has always been with me...do u see him?

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