Minister Farrakhan's 2011 New Years Interview Live on 98.7 Kiss FM (Jan 2, 2011)


  1. the good minister tellin it how it is....
    and shit aint sweet

  2. True, the good minister is telling it how it is. His truth according to him. For the most part it is reality. I heard it, I see it, I live it. As a people we are emotionally bankrupt. Selfish and for the most part only concerned with our own wants and needs. Every year the group of students I teach come in a little less ready and I have to work a whole lot harder. But as I listened, I realized that I cannot accept that as a condition. I cant lose all hope in my people or our society. It will render what I strive to teach my kids everyday. I have to hope. I have believe that all that I seek to instill in my students and my kids will pay off. Eventually, I hope, I pray anyway. Otherwise it will be impossible to do what I do without hope that the human condition can and will improve. I cant do anything but hope that one day my people will get off their asses and realize we have to do for ourselves and stop looking for saviors. Without hope, there is no reason to strive for better, to love, or to even exist. If a difference is made in one that one will pay it forward...the movement will continue to grow from there

  3. oops, meant to say render what i strive to teach my kids useless