World map of mysterious animal deaths

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Now besides Arkansas and Louisiana, birds are falling dead in Italy and Quebec, Canada. Scientists were saying that the ones in Arkansas were due to trauma from being spooked and the birds in Louisiana flew into a powerline. However, how are they going to explain the Turtledoves in Italy and the now the pigeons in Quebec?

The pigeons started dying in Quebec around December 18th and now there is over 80 dead pigeons on a farm in Quebec. Not only the birds, but fish are dying all over the country. How are researchers and scientists going to explain all these wildlife deaths, especially as spread out as they are?

The National Wildlife Health Center says it is normal for this kind of mass dying to happen in wildlife. If this is so, why has the public never heard of these kinds of mass wildlife deaths? It makes people wonder if there is more to the story than what we are being told. The USGS is saying that the birds dying in Arkansas happened due to trauma probably because they were spooked from the loud noises on New Year's Eve. However, how does that relate to Louisiana, Italy, and Canda? Birds just do not start falling dead in different countries for any given reason, there has to be a reason. Hopefully, more light will be shed on what is happening soon.

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